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The Swiss Canton of Zug where we are based

is one of the most popular regions in which to live and to do business.

Numerous foreign companies (corporations and /or partnerships) have set up a branch in the Canton of Zug to take advantage of the excellent economic conditions prevailing there.

Branches may be set up for different types of corporation among which the “Aktiengesellschaft (AG)” (similar to the U.S. joint stock company) and the “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)” (similar to the German or English limited liability company) are the most popular types of corporation selected for branches in the Canton of Zug.

A team of specialists headed by our firm’s managing partner, Markus Dormann, provides expert advice and comprehensive support for foreign and domestic companies intending to set up and/or manage an “AG” or “GmbH” or any other available type of corporation or partnership in the Canton of Zug and/or establish the company’s domicile there.

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